Ai prime hd settings download

ai prime hd settings download

ai prime hd settings download

Start the Ai App from your IOS/Android device and in the light device listings find your HD’s or Prime and with your finger swipe the device name to the left and select delete. Step 2 To reset the network settings of the light for a new connection. On each light hold the …

A selection of presets for the AI HD line line of lights including Hydra 52 HD, Hydra 26 HD and Prime HD David Saxby TQ1 Preset for HD TQ1 variant lower power HD base setting , a good starting point based on the popular Lord Howe preset. About Us . D-D The Aquarium Solution Ltd - is one of the most well known and respected suppliers of specialist equipment within the hobby for use in salt ...

The Prime 16 HD Series is capable of producing a limitless number of spectral combinations to fit your tank’s exacting needs. Dedicated Moonlight . A dedicated moonlight channel simulates natural lunar color and intensity. Simple Built-in Control. All AI devices include smart control standard. Use the myAI® app on any iOS or Android device to easily set up or program your AI equipment. The ...

 · AI prime HD optimal settings. Thread starter Dythomas11; Start date Nov 16, 2017; Tags ai prime hd prime; Tagged users None Nov 16, 2017 #1 Dythomas11 Community Member View Badges. Joined Oct 28, 2017 Messages 51 Reaction score 9. I just started up my first nano tank (20 Long). It has finished cycling and I’ve just bought a Prime HD. My question is what are the most ideal settings …

 · Can anyone recommend a light setting for my AI Prime HD over a 10g tank. If used others but they are either on too long or have large amount of green, red and white which is causing hair algae issues. Would be much appreciated if someone could send me one. Thanks

Prime Series; Hydra HD Series; Accessories; App; Signature; Retailers; Support ; Parts Store; Signature Series. Our collection of some of the best reef tanks around the world, all using AI’s LED lighting. Learn about the people behind the glass and what it takes to reach greatness. David Saxby. London, England. Dmitry Tumanov. Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Stuart Bertram. Carlisle, Cumbria ...

Prime Series; Hydra HD Series; Accessories; App; Signature; Retailers; Support; Parts Store; David Saxby London, England "David has always considered himself a “Reef Gardener” rather than a scientist and believes that a successful reef tank is more about keeping water than the corals and fish. If the water quality is right, then given enough time and patience the rest will fall into place ...

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