Hp sas expander card firmware download

hp sas expander card firmware download

hp sas expander card firmware download

Firmware Dependency: A minimum FW version 3.66 is required on your HP Smart Array controller when updating to 2.10 FW on your HP SAS Expander Card. Problems Fixed: On rare occasions during a power-up sequence, the HP SAS Expander, would be unresponsive. When the HP SAS Expander was unresponsive, the attached HP Smart Array P410 or P410i Controller was not allowed to discover …

While performing a firmware upgrade on an HP 12Gb/s SAS Expander card, an issue infrequently occurred that caused the card to become unusable. HP 12Gb/s SAS Expander firmware version 2.07 resolved this issue.

The HP Firmware Maintenance CD does also not detect the SAS Expander card and is therefore unable to update the firmware on it. I've tried connecting the P410 Array Controller and SAS Expander Card with one and two mini SAS cables and also tried both cards in various PCIe slots.

 · Disclaimer: All liability is excluded. Be careful, you can brick your card. prerequisites: an Host-Bus-Adapter (e.g. LSI 9210-8i) #install the HBA and the SAS-Expander into your PC and connect both with an SFF8087-cable #download the needed tools (e.g. Debian 9) apt-get install lsscsi apt-get install sg3-utils #search for the device-file from the HP SAS-Expander-Card (e.g. /dev/sg0) lsscsi -g ...

How can I update/upgrade/flash the firmware of an HP SAS expander card [468406-B21 a.k.a. 487738-001]? I used to do this using Windows and a HP P410 Smart Array controller, however that controller...

 · Hello, I recently got the HP SAS EXP Card firmware 2.06(F), I am trying to update the firmware but its not being recognized in Ubuntu 18.04. I have installed all updates that I can find, and my raid card is installed and recognized properly. when I run the following cmd the expander …

 · I have a dell r710 dual x5650 72gb ram, been running a few VMs on it off a couple 1tb drives with great luck so far. Wanted to expand the storage so i picked up an external case to run some HDD adapters, installed 12 known working 4TB drives, and wired them from an LSI 9211-8i with dual links to ports 8&9 of HP SAS expander.

 · Hi All, Looking for a bit of help. I have a LSI M1015 - Flashed with IR Firmware, all working fine. I have a 24 bay case, so wish to expand my storage, I have purchased a HP SAS Expander card - HP 468405-001 Connected the backplane to the Expander card and connected the Expander card to …

HP 24 Bay SAS Expander Card (PN: 468406-B21) - including 4 mini sas cables 6 breakout cables. Reply. I have the same question. Tags (2) Tags: HP 24 Bay SAS expander card. Microsoft Windows 7 (64-bit) View All (2) 6 REPLIES 6. Paul_Tikkanen. Level 20 111,029 101,206 15,834 24,346 Message 2 of 7 923 Flag Post. HP Recommended. Mark as New; Bookmark; Subscribe; Subscribe to RSS Feed; …

HPE SAS Expander Card HP 24 Bay SAS Expander Card 468406-B21 . QuickSpecs HPE SAS Expander Card Standard Features Page 2 The Smart Array Advantage The innovative design of Hewlett Packard Enterprise and integration work of the Smart Array family of products, including the HPE SAS Expander Card connected to a SA -P410 or SA P410i Controller creates customer value that is …

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