Textile raw materials 1 pdf download

textile raw materials 1 pdf download

textile raw materials 1 pdf download

Textile Raw Material. 1. Textile Industry. 2. Textile Material. I. TITTLE. II. 677.028--ddc23. ISBN 978-969-417-199-9 First Edition: 2017 Copies Printed: 500 Published By: Higher Education Commission - Pakistan Disclaimer: The publisher has used its best efforts for this publication through a rigorous system of evaluation and quality standards, but does not assume, and hereby disclaims, any ...

BZU TEXTILE ENGINEERS 1 Textiles Raw Materials • Nature presents a large variety of fibers. Beside this it is possible today to produce a number of different kinds of man made fibers but only a relatively small amount of this is actually used in textile industry. BZU TEXTILE ENGINEERS 2

1.2. MAJOR APPLICATIONS OF TEXTILE MATERIALS 1. Apparel: refers to textiles used in dress materials E.g. blouses, trousers, shirts, saris, scarves etc. 2. Home furnishing: refers to textiles used in home interiors E.g. sofas, cushion covers, curtains, carpets etc. 3. Industrial textiles refer to textiles used in end uses other than apparel or home interiors like civil engineering, medical ...

Textile raw materials are selected as per the manufacturing policy of the company i.e. whether a composite mill or only a spinning, weaving or dyeing /finishing. Types of Textile Raw Material: Fiber ; Fabric ; Dye stuff ; Chemical and auxiliaries ; Fiber: Nature …

The major raw materials for the textile and apparel industry include cotton, jute, silk, wool and man-made fibre. cotton In 2005-06, India was the second largest producer of cotton (4.15 metric tonnes) in the world, accounting for 16.75 per cent of the global production. Cotton is the predominant fabric used in the Indian textile industry, accounting for nearly 60 per cent of production. The ...

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